What is PhiBrows ?

It is an internationally renowned training institute for microblading specialists. The institute was founded by Branko Babic, the man who revolutionized semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. After Babic discovered microblading, he elevated the technique and brought it to Europe.

The idea of microblading as we know it today, originated in Asia. But applying (semi) permanent makeup has been around for millennia all over the world. Experts have shown that people in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and even cavemen had different ways to insert pigment under the skin to decorate their faces. And still today, several techniques exist to enhance the most defining features of the human face: the eyebrows.

Prior to PhiBrows, some techniques existed including the digital eyebrow tattoo machine, embrowdery and epibrow.

The PhiBrows treatment is unique, because this application of microblading is calculated using face morphology and the perfect proportion, also known as the ‘golden ratio’. The techniques, tools and applications that the institute provides all work together to identify this ratio and thereby help to create harmonious and symmetrical brows for everyone.


The founder Mr Branko Babic was the first to take ‘the golden ratio’ as the starting point for creating perfect eyebrows. This ratio has been used for centuries in art and science to express beauty and perfection. The golden ratio is 1.618, and often represented by the Greek letter ?, pronounced as ‘phi’. Hence the name of the institute.

The institute not only offers international certificates to students, it also provides all certified eyebrow artists with specialized tools, such as PhiBrush (disposable sterile tool), the brand's microblading pigments (ink in accordance with the highest standard) and the institute's application, used to calculate the symmetry of the brows.

PhiBrows Master Ms Huong Pham brought this revolutionary microblading technique to Vietnam.

Timi’s eyebrow expert Ms Chau was rewarded with the title of PhiBrows Royal Artist.

PhiBrows is the ultimate method to create eyebrows with the perfect shape, thickness and colour for everyone. Applying its techniques, trainings and tools results in natural-looking eyebrows in close harmony with your face.

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