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Microblading lasts for about 18 months, depending on your skin and lifestyle. You can do additional touch ups to extend the duration of the treatment.

Most people report little or no pain during microblading, but everyone experiences pain differently. Some people describe the feeling of microneedles in their skin like light cat scratches or papercuts. After the microblading treatment, you might experience redness and slight swelling - most people describe it as a feeling similar to a light sunburn.

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Microblading is a two-step process: the initial procedure and the microblading touch up. The first session will take about 2,5 hours. After 6 weeks, you will need to do a touch up. This second session takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.

Semi-permanent eyeliner: always a perfect set of lines

Applying eyeliner has long been one of the most challenging parts of creating the perfect look. Until now.

Eyeliner brings out the natural beauty of your eyes. Unfortunately, drawing on a perfect set of lines every day requires time and skill. Eyeliner is not easy to apply and getting two even lines is nearly impossible. Imagine always waking up with the perfect lines and never worrying about smudges or imperfections. Timi’s expert can help you to create the look you want, using permanent eyeliner.

In our salon in Ho Chi Minh City, we offer three different treatments. A soft line, eyeliner shading at one end of the eye or shading up the whole eye.

Together with Timi’s specialist, you can pick the eyeliner shape that is perfect for you. You might prefer an intense look, or maybe you only want to subtly enhance your natural features. In any case, you can always boost your look with traditional make-up for a special occasion.

Our permanent makeup specialist will advise you on the proper aftercare and a first touch up to set the perfect color and shape.

Like with other semi-permanent makeup treatments, the eyeliner pigment is applied just under the skin. At Timi, we only use 100% safe, organic ink from the best brand in Germany.

The final result of this treatment lasts 12 - 18 months. To create a long-lasting effect, our expert advises to have yearly touch ups, especially if you’ve chosen a softer look, which fades faster.

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