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Microblading lasts for about 18 months, depending on your skin and lifestyle. You can do additional touch ups to extend the duration of the treatment.

Most people report little or no pain during microblading, but everyone experiences pain differently. Some people describe the feeling of microneedles in their skin like light cat scratches or papercuts. After the microblading treatment, you might experience redness and slight swelling - most people describe it as a feeling similar to a light sunburn.

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Microblading is a two-step process: the initial procedure and the microblading touch up. The first session will take about 2,5 hours. After 6 weeks, you will need to do a touch up. This second session takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.

Timi's Lips Treatment

Improve the color and shape of your lips with permanent makeup

Timi’s makeup artist uses a cosmetic tattooing technique that will define and enhance your natural lips. Another step to take out of your morning makeup routine!

This semi-permanent treatment adds a healthy-looking blush to your lips and reveals the perfect lip shape. It will create an illusion of volume, but it won’t actually make your lips bigger, like fillers. In fact, any skilled professional will refuse to color more than 1mm outside of your natural lip line, as it will create an unnatural effect.

Like with the microblading, microshading and eyeliner treatment, Timi’s specialist will help you to pick a color that brings out your natural beauty.

Aquarelle effect

If you’re looking for a way to punch up your natural tone, without drastically changing the colour, the aquarelle shade will be perfect for you. It will give your lips a fresh and healthy look.

Lipstick effect

If you’re looking for a more intense look, the lipstick shade will be just right for you. This treatment will also look natural: others won’t see you have tattooed your lips, they will just assume you’re wearing a nice lipstick.


To create more depth and an even greater illusion of volume, Timi’s professional makeup artist can apply the 3D technique. She creates a darker outline on the border of your lips, shades the color down towards the middle and leaves the inner part of the lip uncolored.

Discoloration of the lips

Semi-permanent lip makeup can also be used to cover irregularities in lip color, for example a darkening of the lips. This darkening is often caused by hyperpigmentation and appears mostly around the edges of the upper lip. It is caused by a variety of factors, like the tone of your skin, exposure of your lips to the sun and regular use of lip makeup.

When you have hyperpigmentation or another skin condition, the treatment requires more skill and it is therefore extremely important to carefully pick a professionally trained specialist. Timi’s makeup artist can advise you how to treat hyperpigmentation.


This treatment is often called a ‘lip tattoo’, but it’s different in two crucial ways. First, instead of traditional tattoo ink, powder-based pigment is used, resulting in more natural-looking colors. Also, the pigment doesn’t fade into a grey or green finish over time. Secondly, the ink is placed just under the skin, not as deep as a normal tattoo, which means the color will slowly disappear and your lips will return to their natural color.


Right after the treatment, your lips will directly have a deeper color. Then, a small scab will appear and peel off. This healing layer is much thinner than with the ones that appear with older techniques, because the pigment only penetrates the upper layers of the skin.

Most of the peeling will happen in the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, it will be completely over in 3 to 5 days. After that, the new skin will appear and your lips will be a bit more pinkish. The definite color appears after 2 weeks and can take up to 2 months to settle.

You are welcome to come back for a touchup (included in the price) after 4 to 6 weeks. After the touchup has healed, the color will stay on your lips for 12 to 18 months. After that, your lips will return to their original color.

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